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The mouflon (Ovis orientalis orientalis group) is a subspecies group of the wild sheep (Ovis orientalis). Populations of O. orientalis can be partitioned into the mouflons (orientalis group) and the urials (vignei group).The mouflon is thought to be the ancestor for all modern domestic sheep breeds.

Mouflon sheep have reddish to dark brown, short-haired coats with dark back stripes and black ventral areas and light-colored saddle patches. The males are horned; some females are horned, while others are polled. The horns of mature rams are curved in almost one full revolution (up to 85 cm). Mouflon have shoulder heights around 0.9 m and body weights of 50 kg (males) and 35 kg (females).

We hunt Mouflon in 3 countries: Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia.

In Macedonia, mouflon sheep is the only European wild sheep which can be hunted year-round (male specimens) and is only kept in fenced areas due to a large population of wolves. The fact is mouflon sheep cannot survive in free range as it poses an easy prey for wolves.  This type of sheep originated from Sardinia and Corsica and hasn’t naturally adapted to survive among predators. In Macedonia, mouflon sheep can be hunted in Lakavica, private hunting grounds with about 2,000 hectares fenced-in as well as in Nidze, hunting grounds with 650 hectares fenced-in. 

In Serbia, mouflon is hunted in Subotica, Zlot and in areas close to Belgrade. Mouflon hunting season in Serbia is year-round. 


In Croatia, mouflon is available is on the island Dugi Otok, in Slavonia and in many areas along the Dalmatian coast. On Dugi Otok, we can offer an especially exciting hunt for Mouflon. The hunt takes place on a 9000 ha. area which lies next to a large national park. During the hunt you can enjoy views over many of the surrounding islands in the picturesque Adriatic Sea. What makes this unforgettable Mouflon hunt particularly attractive is that,  as the hunting district is next to the coast, you always have a view over the sea. Dugi Otok is renown for its strong population of mouflon and many good mouflon of medal winning standard have been shot here. Off the Adriatic coast, one of over 1,000 islands, here you will find a very good mouflon population, challenging hunting and breathtaking scenery. 


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