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Hybrid Kri-Kri ibex are a cross-breed between the "Kri-Kri Ibex" and a "Feral Goat".


They live in the wild; many of these populations have been feral for centuries.  Shoulder height about 32 inches. Weight 100-140 pounds. Males grow a large, shaggy chin beard. The Hybrid Kri-Kri ibex browses on leaves, twigs and weeds and is therefore a highly destructive feeder. These are sturdy, powerful animals with an outer coat of long, coarse hair and undercover of fine wool. The coloration is very specific for these animals: yellowish-clear tan body color, with a distinctive "black cross" going from the front limbs across the center of the body towards the hind legs. The Hybrid Kri-Kri ibex have a distinctive horn formation: they rise upward and backward from the skull, and then spread sideways in a tight homonymous spiral.  

We organize Hybrid Kri Kri ibex hunts in Greece, Croatia and Macedonia. A typical Hybrid Kri Kri Ibex hunt is 2 days. In Greece, hunters can only use shotgun (slugs) while in both Croatia and Macedonia hunters are permitted to use rifles.

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